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    Re: Fu*k Gomers

    Somebody in Boston has to know what happened in Baltimore. The .1rl is using up their cash and fast.

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    Re: Time to call them out

    Most nowadays ARE furrin ride buyers and come and go with hardly a notice.

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    Re: Time to call them out

    There's a cycle at work here; as the HURL destroyed the popularity of OWR in North America, it made the drivers more anonymous and thus less important

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    junqui junky

    Re: Trailer: Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

    Saw it last night. Excellent film. Was not aware of the Willy T. Ribbs connection, you learn something new every day.

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    Re: Fu*k Gomers

    IMHO she'll never sell the Speedway. This Indiana Economic Digest article below may be over four years old, but I believe it reflects the family's current

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    Re: Fu*k Gomers

    So Leo after 20 years of TG's Tantrum estimated to have cost the Hulman family somewhere between $500 and $750 million, do you think Mari is coherent

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