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      junqui junky

      Re: Aero Kits

      And I'm guessing you don't mean the definition of "more effective" that a real racing series would use, i.e. faster lap times.

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      Re: The New Concept...

      Hey... I'll have you know that I've secured over 19 million virtual bucks per season, for the next 5 years, in sponsorship for my fleet of sim racing

      RealRaceFan Yesterday, 10:26 AM Go to last post

      Re: Aero Kits

      What should happen is one kit is much more effective than the other, making one of the manufacturers realize it's time to drop out of this losing proposition.

      frenzy88 Yesterday, 09:45 AM Go to last post

      Re: Aero Kits

      I have be honest, I'm excited about the aero kits. My gut tells me they are going to be so horrifically goofy looking that they are going to take the

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      Re: Aero Kits

      Sheesh...I had no idea Honda is a chassis builder. So where are the ICONIC losers Swift, Lola, BAT and Panoz who were supposed to be constructors interested

      Leo Yesterday, 06:49 AM Go to last post

      Re: The New Concept...

      Please don't confuse MindyLand with the (much) more advanced parts of the midwest!

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