• RIP Justin Wilson

      RIP Justin.
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      1. ashie's Avatar
        ashie -
        Very sad. He was a fantastic driver and, as far as I can tell, a really nice bloke. I still think his finest hour was at Mt Tremblant in 2007 where he gave a masterclass of how to drive in the wet on slicks.
      1. donath's Avatar
        donath -
        God rest his soul and comfort his loved ones.
      1. RealRaceFan's Avatar
        RealRaceFan -
        Sadly, JDub should never have been in the position of having to chose to drive a death sled!
        I'll miss you greatly Justin, you're the only CART/Champ Car driver I could ever look in the eye, without having to sit down "it's a tall guy thing!" You said to me in Montreal

        Hey Donath!! Good to see you again Mister, I've noticed lots of the older CW.com crowd logging on since JDub passed, it's sad that it took such a tragic event to bring you all back.
        RIP JDub!!