• Road America to IRL: "You Guys Are Crazy!"

      Per Road America president, George Bruggenthies-

      “I've talked to Mr. [Randy] Bernard several times in face-to-face meetings. You've got team owners running the series. I don't know what their future is. Everyone's gotta pay the bills. But he [Andretti] wasn't paying hardly anything for his sanctioning fee this year. I don't know how that goes.”

      While Bruggenthies denied specifics of what a sports car sanctioning fee is by comparison, he did note IndyCar's number.

      “For sports cars, it is confidential, but it is much lower,” he said. “But with the IndyCar sanctioning fee, I don't have a contract with them so I can tell you what they're asking. They're asking $2 or $2.2 (million) – and I'm thinking, ‘You guys are crazy! You don't have a TV package worth much, and you don't bring anything along that brings revenue – hospitality or a partner.' It does not make sense.”

      Souce: http://www.racer.com/insight-track-presidents-on-sports-car-and-indycar-futures/article/258350/
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