• Track Surface Rejects Indycars

      Detroit is literally swallowing the Mindycars....hope they swallow them whole so we never have to see them again.

      Some hilarious comments from the people who still watch this crap. The EARL providing another Sunday of great comedy.

      -The track at Belle Isle falls apart....symptomatic of the state of Indy car racing.

      -Looks like ABC abandoned the race. NO need to watch anymore races in the future if I have no expectation of seeing the end of the race if it runs long for some reason.

      -Bugs Bunny always made using these portable holes look so easy to use! Did you save the Acme receipt?

      -In local news race officials discover the first ingrown hair of the tracks history to be the cause of a serious accident. No comment how this will effect future races, but I certainly hope they can pluck this one out of the books.

      -More unprofessional crap from the Indy racing league. What a joke between the new car failure rate, rule changes at Indy 500 and now this

      -IndyCars are back at Detroit and the track is not ready for them... This is why F1 has more stringent requirements and does not race every or anywhere.

      -WTF. Patching a Concrete Road with Asphalt is Flat OUT STUPID. This is why CART abandon the Isle a few years back. To me this would have cancelling rest of the races at the Isle until they can improve the roads. THat is why they no longer race in streets of San Antonio, TX because of the streets are so bad.

      -Who in the Hell had the BRILLIANT idea to use Rubber Crack Filler I'm HUGE patches of this track?!?!?!

      -Worst race ever. It's hard being a fan of a sport where it's one step forward and ten steps back. Way to kill the momentum. Having abc doesn't help either. How many more times are they going to put on such an amateurish broadcast and still be allowed to televise the series? This is a damn joke.

      -Who are they planning to race for? - The 10 people left in the stands? The fans at the race have to get on the road - They need to work tomorrow. The people watching on TV can't get the rest of the race- they won't even know whether or not it was restarted- It's not on the other channel. Most of the country has garbage newspapers, that don't report racing news. Way to go Indycar! Follow up the Indy 500 by pissing off all your fans! Bernard is a murdering idiot!!!!!

      -Hey advertisers and indycar sponsors! I won't watch or record this crap any more! It sucks! Change the management !

      On the change to ESPN News
      -Just shows Indycar is a joke, ESPN won't even interrupt Sportscenter for it!

      -That's crap! We don't all have ESPNNEWS!!

      -And people wonder why no one watches indy car
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