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      Re: Belgian Meltdown

      You can't possibly be comparing Pastor Maldonado to Lewis Hamilton. A scrub to a former World Champion. No Hamilton fan is saying roll over and play

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      Re: Belgian Meltdown

      check out Ted's notebook from Hungry. He shows a chart that shows that Rosberg did indeed lose time when behind hamilton. Now... whether that's because

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      Re: Belgian Meltdown

      Many of Lewis' problems are of his own making. Though this year his on track problems have not been of his own making. It does not help that he has

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      Re: Belgian Meltdown

      Yeah, I suppose you're right.

      I guess i just tend to think of some people as jerks, not racist jerks. I've worked once where I've been the

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      Re: Belgian Meltdown

      Duh bull post

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      Re: Stole this from the MailBag

      Sandy made sure of that,, then she went out scored some blow & bought another
      ridiculous hat...

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