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      I'm so incensed by this whole tragic incident and the horrific history of the IRL/ICS that I simply cannot stand by while they hide the truth and ignore driver safey for the sake of ratings. I don't know who to contact or how to make an impact, but I have to try. With that in mind, I just sent an email to the ACCUS offices in Denver, CO, encouraging an investigation:

      "I wish to encourage ACCUS and FIA to investigate the circumstances of the recent fatal incident at the Indycar Series event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Latest reports indicate ICS will internally investigate without ACCUS or FIA involved. I strongly oppose this move and hope ACCUS and FIA will look deeply into ICS chassis design, safety procedures and decision making, as it has long been obvious that ICS does not prioritize safety and has not investigated previous fatal and non-fatal incidents with integrity or transparency. I implore ACCUS and FIA not to allow the circumstances of this tragic incident to be obfuscated by the ICS. The lives of many professional racing drivers are at stake. I thank you for your time and consideration."

      Might not have any impact at all, but it's damned well worth a shot. I encourage everyone else to send a note to ACCUS or whoever you think might do some good. At least we'll know we haven't stood idly by while more drivers die.

      ACCUS website: http://www.accusfia.us/ I just clicked "Contact Us".
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      Isn't Monaco in May?

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      Huge in everyone's opinion. We won't be seeing a payoff like that for some time to come. And I am glad I missed it...no way in hell will I be caught

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      Sure there is. P.T. Barnum was not wrong.

      Doesn't matter that she's a loser whose sole "win" was in a dead-end league on the far

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      Damn straight it matters. If it were "sexy", there would be one less topic of discussion to hate them on. And since this is a hater's forum

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      Leo. It isnt Honda that makes it look bad. It is the league that mandiated the body work in the name of safety. It is sad because Champcar didnt need

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