• Tragedy Has a Way of Making You Think

      I'll make thoughts on the recent death of Dan Wheldon short and sweet. There is no need to say what has already been said.

      I never knew much about Wheldon or his driving style, but from I've seen in he past day it appears he DID have talent, and I'm not just saying that because of the tragedy. A lot of times we say things we don't intend to come across as mean spirited or cruel but do regardless of our intentions. You can'tit back though and that sucks. I have never been a fan of the Indycar Series because to me it lacks he magic of the once proud CART that I grew up with. I have no beef with the rectangle in Indy or the drivers and people (including many here) that want to see it succeed. We all have our politics but we all are sill family, and my heart still feels pain when family dies.

      I did not agree with most of Dans beliefs concerning the sport, but I was watching a clip on YT of him talking to the booth via radio and seemed to have a sense of what the sport needs to make it back to it's former glory. That honestly put a feeling of hope in me for the sport that I had not had in a long time. I want the sport to succeed as much as Dan did, but not when these lunatics that are willing to put their drivers in a deadly game of chance. Those people must be out of the picture for the sport to succeed (and to be safe). I won't say anything political and I encourage everyone else to do the same for just a short while. The Wheldon family needs time to mourn so lets give them some space to heal.

      The people that have built this machine have hell to pay and I live for the day they get it in the ass. Those people that made this mess are scum IMHO. Yes, racing is dangerous but certain people, formulas, and tracks have no business being apart of this sport. Many people warned them this would happen. They will have to walk this earth with blood on their hands and that's almost punishment enough.

      If there is an afterlife I sincerely hope that Dan is in it and enjoying racing with Senna, Fangio, Moore, Clark, and company.

      I do not agree with Dan Wheldons choice of people to partner and be friends with. I think deep down he was a good guy that like so many others was supporting a series that didn't support them. He drank the kool-aid and they screwed him. Despite all of that I hope that some day AOWR and Indy can someday recapture the magic that many people here want it to have. Though that will never happen with the current people in charge, maybe someday different people will do just that and make dreams come true.

      I offer my deepest condolences to Dan Wheldons family, and friends. I hope you enjoyed this life and got what you wanted out of it. Good will come out of your death, Dan. People WILL learn with time and things will get better both on the track, and off it in road cars.

      God bless you and your family.

      I know I will be spending more time with mine. I told my parents I loved them for the first time in months.

      Life is too short to not go fast.
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