• RIP Dan Wheldon

      Dan Wheldon was killed in a 15 car crash at LVMS today at the IRL season finale.

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      1. plotmaker_sac's Avatar
        plotmaker_sac -
        Jeez! I just found out about this. The worst of all results. I can't think of anything else to say here. God Speed Dan and major condolences to his family and to Bryan Herta Motorsports. Bill
      1. PhilipT631's Avatar
        PhilipT631 -
        No matter what we think about the IRL this is never what one wants to see in any form of motorsports. God bless to his wife, children, family and his team. RIP Dan.
      1. 3wideBob's Avatar
        3wideBob -
        Rest in Peace Dan.
      1. RealRacer's Avatar
        RealRacer -
        R.I.P. Dan.
      1. CowtownBob's Avatar
        CowtownBob -
        my heartfelt condolences to Dan's family, friends, and fans.
      1. turbo79's Avatar
        turbo79 -
        Rest in peace, Dan. Sincere condolences to your family and friends.
      1. FuzzyCrappy's Avatar
        FuzzyCrappy -
        I haven't posted in a while, but I heard about this in the airport waiting for my flight. Real sad. The worst part is, a site like this has been lobbying against this league and it's gladiatorial style of racing. Real tragedy that another one had to fall.
      1. Corona CC's Avatar
        Corona CC -
        My Condolences to Dan's family, RIP dan... I agree Fuzzy, and not to mention in those cars that are so unsafe.
      1. yellowflag's Avatar
        yellowflag -
        My condolences are for Dan Wheldon's family
      1. muskoka fan's Avatar
        muskoka fan -
        So so sad. Thoughts are with his family, friends and teammates.
      1. LisaS's Avatar
        LisaS -
        This really sucks. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, close and extended at this time. Horrible thing to happen. I completely agree with you Fuzzy, it is a real tragedy another one had to fall. As someone said to me yesterday, wrong cars ... wrong track.RIP Dan.
      1. Orchid's Avatar
        Orchid -
        Thoughts and prayers being sent to Dans family. Very sad that 2 little boys no longer have their Daddy.RIP Dan